Pearl Lake is located in Central Minnesota

$2,200 Needed for Pearl Lake Fireworks

July 3rd Fireworks will be here soon.  Typically, only about 30% of land owners donate to the fireworks.  With $2,200 still needed, if you haven’t donated in the past, please consider donating this year.   Let’s make it another great show.  

Send your donations to:
Leslie Glowe  
18959 East Shore Drive
Kimball, MN 55353


Please share this with your neighbors!    


The parade will be at 3:00 on July 4th.   Get your boats ready.   Prizes will be given.  


On Wednesday,  May 14th, 300 pounds of walleyes were stocked into Pearl Lake. There were a range of sizes this year, from 4” to 11” in length.  There were about 20 fish per pound.      

Membership Dues - It is time to pay Lake Association annual memberships dues.    Membership dues are $25.00. Please send to Leslie. 

  • Slot Limit Update
  • TMDL Study  - updated June 1st, 2010 


    Fielder, Your Pumping Specialists will give a $10 discount to anyone who mentions they are a member of the Pearl Lake Lake Association.